Love him or hate him, there is no denying the brilliance of Real Madrid’s manager, Jose Mourinho – especially when it comes to taking care of league business at home. The self-styled “Special One” is celebrating a landmark milestone this week, which sees him go nine years as a coach in football – starting back in February 2002 – without having lost a home league fixture in whatever country he has been managing in.

His record, from Porto to Real Madrid via Chelsea and Inter is unsurpassed and remains one of the true wonders of modern football. Chelsea fans of course will need no reminding of just how strong the Blues were at home during his tenure – his three years saw him lift the Premier League title twice and finish runner-up once – and his home record in the Premier League stood at 46 wins and 14 draws from 60 matches played.

Inspirational to his own fans and players, and the envy of just about every other football supporter in Europe, Jose Mourinho casts a spell over all that see him at work. He is undoubtedly meticulous in his preparation for any game, but at home he appears to take extra special pride in his work; and as a fan, it gives you so much confidence going into a tough home fixture when you have such an impressive record. Is it anyone Inter dominated the Serie A betting when he was there?

Much of the credit for this goes to his focus on defence – although you could never describe any of the teams he has managed in the last decade of being boring, the fact that from his 147 home league matches, he has only conceded 87 goals. This is more down to his meticulous nature on the training ground than any sort of negative mindset – a point underlined by the fact that from the same matches his sides have scored 331 goals. He has also showed tactical nous in the Champions Leauge.

Quite why he never hangs around at a club for too long is a mystery (his longest continuous stint was the three years he spent in London) but there is little doubt that he has no wish to run the risk of stagnating by outstaying his welcome. There the Portuguese will go next is a mystery, but one thing is clear – he will be well-received.

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