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Straight out of the ‘news you never thought you’d read’ category: I discovered via the Fiver that John Terry holds a deep affection for carp. No, that’s not a commentary on WAGS, I mean real, fishy carp. The Chelsea and England player appears on the front of this month’s Angler’s Mail, and judging by the cover photo he isn’t kidding when he says he loves carp! He looks positivity ecstatic as he displays, what I’m guessing is, a fine example of one. The carp looks less thrilled, possibly a Fulham fan.

Surprisingly, the accompanying blurb states, “John Terry landed his place on our front cover after scoring the winner against Manchester United”, which sounds as though they’re suggesting if he hadn’t scored that specific goal he wouldn’t have made the cover!? Wow! The competition for the front of angling magazines must be tougher than I thought.

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