It’s amazing that after a full summer of silence, Chelsea defender and England Captain John Terry finally manages to find his voice in the same week that his club confirms he’ll be on the same money as Frank Lampard next season.

Frank Lampard and John Terry relaxing by the pool in Pasadena, CA

The ongoing saga that saw Manchester City flop a massive wedge of Arabian money onto the desk of Mr Abramovich seems to have finally ended, with JT managing to resist the lure of making the Carling Cup a priority for the forthcoming season.

There’s still one thing that doesn’t quite ring true about the whole affair though, and that’s the amazing coincidence of Terry \’having it large’ in Dubai at the same time as City gaffer Mark Hughes while the rest of his Chelsea team-mates found themselves soaking up the sun at such remote destinations as Benidorm, Ibiza and Tenerife.

It smells as fishy as a cod fillet in tahini, and even the most casual of observers would be hard pressed to accept that there was never a meeting between the two. For my money, a hotel bar in Dubai would be an anonymously ideal place for two high-profile footballing figures to meet and the conversation would have flowed nicely between the two:


I’ve admired you for some time, John. I’ve got you over here because I’ve got a proposal for you.


Sorry, Sparky. Two hundred and fifty grand a week is good money, but I’m not that desperate for it!

Why JT has left it until this stage to commit his future to Chelsea is anybody’s business. One imagines that the big fella needed a little one-to-one with new Chelsea manager Carlos Ancelotti before turning down the Manchester millions. The Italian would have been more than aware of Terry’s credentials, and keeping a club stalwart would have been a priority for him a soon as they met:


I’ve admired you for some time, John. I’ve called you in because I’ve got a proposal for you.


Before you go on, Mark Hughes offered two hundred and fifty. It’s three hundred grand for you and no kissing.

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