No wonder Keano is getting so upset about modern footballers prioritising shopping over the game. According to Paul Walsh on Sky, some players – Mattie Taylor for one – are so obsessed with everyday possessions that it’s creeping into their passing:

“If he’s spotted Benjani there, that is an absolutely worldly ball.”

At the same time, Keano would have been heartened to find that Phil Neville is not one of the “weak players” who let their flinty, parasitic, grasping, tabloid-courting WAG companions call the shots at home. His advice for tired team-mates:

“Get some food into ya. Get some drink into ya. Don’t go shopping. Let the wife walk the dog. Put the feet up and get plenty of rest for the next match.”

One gentlemen who looks like he will need a good rest before the next fixture is Ray Parlour, who looked quite exhausted by the effort of constructing semi-sentences on Setanta last night. Though Razor did manage to let us know that Arsene Wenger knew every player in “the Europe.”

Meanwhile, Jose Mourinho might be in the driving seat according to Sky Sports News, but he isn’t going to let his massive four point gap over the champions go to his head, preferring to share his hunch that two wins might not be enough:

“We’ve got six points. In the next game we have to try to go to seven or nine. That’s the history of the Premiership.”

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