After leaving in seven at Goodison, the Black Cats record signing suffered the ultimate sanction at Keano’s hands:

“Craig Gordon has been fingered and dropped.”

Harsh but fair.

And Jim had his own cruel verdict for Kenwyn Jones and his clumsy brand of profligacy:

“Ahh, denied by the upright. Or maybe he denied himself.”

Perched as he undoubtedly was in a Montrose broom cupboard, there was a suspicion Jim had the old gramophone going in the background. Though we had him down as more of a Chuck Mangione man.

“That needed another brick in the wall. There’s a touch of the Pink Floyds there.”

There was time for the George-style jinxing:

“It’s a very good away point for Derby County.”

Before the classic Jim signoff:

“And the final score at the Stadium of Light – where the end of the tunnel it was – is one to nil.”

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