"Rosenborg have won 66 games, and they've scored in all of them."
Brian Moore
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Ronglish Special
The Return of the Keane and Butt Partnership

Manchester United's recent mishaps have given rise to merriment in many quarters - not least certain sections of the Towers. But perhaps the most welcome side-effect of the gaffer they call Sir's misery is his return to the old Keane-Butt partnership in the middle of the field.

Why the excitement at the reacquainting of the fiery stud-wielders, you might ask. An interest in reviving fair Nicholas' England career perhaps? Or a curiosity as to how many misplaced paces it takes before Keano throttles him maybe? 

No and no again. The answer of course lies in the potential for Ronglish development this pairing creates. In gleeful anticipation of many more variations over the coming months, we bring you Ron's top 5 descriptions of the lovely twosome.

1. A pair of natural dogs
2. The minders
3. The two horses
4. The little ratters
5. This pair will do the ugly things

Thanks to Jay Bishop

Natural Born Dogs