And who pops up in the box? Yours truly, Alan Shearer. 
Colin Hendry

DangerHere Superstore 
Auction Special
A Royal Institute of Commentating Event


What's in a name? 

Quite a bit, actually.

Take a look at the bloke on the right.  Nothing about his outward appearance would suggest that he occupies a hallowed place in football's great pantheon.  

And yet, this man is revered worldwide,  especially by his colleagues in the Milwaukee, Wis. industrial facility where he works.

The reason? Clock his name tag. That's right - this man's name is Ron Glisch.  


To visit Ron's 
home page,
click here.
(He's in the bottom right-hand corner.)

Now you understand what makes him so special.


DangerHere Ronglish Deed Polls

It was not an accident of birth that gave Ron Glisch such a venerable name. Not by a long chalk.  

He was born with the infinitely more humble moniker Herman Bartleby.

Through the simple purchase of one of DangerHere Superstore's Ronglish deed polls, he changed his name to honour the famous co-commentating dialect invented by the great Ron Atkinson.

There are still several Ronglish deed polls yet to be auctioned.

See if any of them tickle your fancy.  By this time next week, your name could also be Ron.


Deed Poll Name

Required Opening Bid 

Ron Glish 10,000
Ron Glisch 8,000 (sold)
Ron Glische 6,500
Ron Gliche 6,000
Ronn Glish 3,000
Ronn Glisch 2,500
Ronn Glische 2,000
Ronn Gliche 1,500