And who pops up in the box? Yours truly, Alan Shearer. 
Colin Hendry

DangerHere Superstore 

A Royal Institute of Commentating Product


Listen, Repeat, Understand... That's the Ronguaphone method.

For decades, the hallowed halls of the Royal Institute of Commentating have nurtured the fledgling talents of many an aspiring commentator. 

Success stories abound in the Royal Institute's annals. George Hamilton, John Motson, Martin Tyler... these are but a few among the plethora of luminaries who have walked the Institute's ivy-covered cloisters. 

Now the Institute - under the aegis of the DangerHere Superstore - offers a new service that promises to bring our award-winning course in co-commentating credibility to the masses.

Yes, at last Ronguaphone has become a reality. This innovative distance-learning programme promises to take you from basic to advanced Ronglish co-commentary in as little as eight weeks.



Order Ronguaphone Tape 1 now.

Used in conjunction with DangerHere's Ronglish Lesson 1, Tape 1 takes you through the essential Ronglish constructions "Spotter's Badge", "Lollipop" and "Second Post".

Watch out for subsequent tapes in our eight-stage Ronglish programme soon!

"It Really Works"
Andy Gray

Price: 299.99 per tape