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Martin Hodge

Ronglish Update
Ron's License Revoked in Institute Shocker.

Don't say you weren't worried about Ron. He's gone quiet lately, hasn't he? When's the last time anyone's been awarded a spotter's badge for instance?

However, old Bojangles hasn't simply lost his enthusiasm for the fray. No, finger on the pulse as always, DangerHere can exclusively reveal the real reason for Ron's recent reticence. In an incredible twist, the language's founding father has had his license to practice Ronglish revoked by the Royal Institute of Commentating.

Unbelievably, Ron fell victim to the Institute's new get-tough policy, designed to weed out rogue Ronglish practitioners like Andy Gray. And somewhat worryingly, the big man seemed to lay the blame at DangerHere's door after he failed what should have been a straightforward renewal examination.

"Tell you what", said Ron, " I blame those amusement arcades at that danger web thingy. I've gone in, given the exam the full gun early doors, and they've failed me on the 'Buddy Holly'. Unbelievable."  

While the official Ronglish text  -as published by DangerHere - refers to the Buddy Holly as a sharp fall to earth in the manner of the late entertainer, it appears that revisionist Institute teachings have another view.  In his latest thesis on the growing language, The Institute's Dean of Guffology deigned that the 'Buddy Holly', rather disappointingly, instead referred simply to a volley. And therein lies the root of Ron's downfall.

However, in a grand gesture, DangerHere has delved into the company coffers - already stretched by the construction of a temporary national stadium in the Towers lawns - to fully fund Ron's immediate appeal to the Ronglish Examination Board.

And as the Buddygate investigation continues, it's possible that heads may roll at the Towers themselves. DangerHere deadweight Phil "The Schoolboy" Murray is thought to be most at risk as web site bigwigs investigate the source of the fiasco.  

Cert or no, Ron presses on. Click here.