It’s the media equivalent of being kicked in the head by John Hartson;  an Israeli football writer has launched a campaign to get  Eyal  Berkovic off the TV.

The frustrated scribe at  Jewish  Press International is seemingly unhappy with Eyal’s rather  negative outlook. Here’s Google’s rather easy-oasy translation of our man’s beef:

“In honor of the sports channels!

The people of Israel fed remarks of Mr. Eyal Berkovic to his incitement.

Israel national football team against which he is careful to denigrate  any time when closer to the microphone and saw that concrete against Croatia that  Israel is trying is defamatory.

Yoram Arbel can not be helped Mr. Eyal also blatantly cursing football  fans football coaches young players commentators try their strength in  the cursing and even disgusting to write them.”

This dude at tends to agree.

“Oy. Eyal Berkovic is doing color commentary tonight. Time to mute the TV”

A busy, diminutive midfielder not always clinical in front of goal  turned braying moan: Is Eyal Israel’s answer to Ray Houghton?

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