Although Ian Holloway is new to the Premier League, and Blackpool are far from the best side in the division, the club’s manager has already taken to threatening the FA the moment he fails to get his own way.

So far this season Holloway has been successful in getting the media on his side, but he may have gone too far in his recent outburst, which saw him threaten to resign from his post unless he is able to field a team of his own choosing, whether that be the youth team or first eleven.

Despite claims to the contrary, it is almost certain that Holloway had one eye on future fixtures when he chose to rest players in the game against Aston Villa in midweek, but with the practice becoming increasingly popular with managers of smaller teams in the top league of English football, the practice is still deeply resented by managers of certain other clubs.

Although it is unlikely that Villa are going to be fighting for the Premier League title this season, they are still a side capable of challenging for European positions and, as such, the fact that lower placed teams are prepared to sacrifice games away to bigger teams means that the Premier League could increasingly be decided by games between the top clubs.

If this does become the case then the argument put forth by Phil Gartside that the Premier League should be split into two divisions is likely to gather widespread support, with fans of clubs unwilling to pay to watch non-events of games, it could also reduce the number of people who decide to place a football bet on the match.

However, as the present rules state that the practice is forbidden, the actions of Holloway should serve as a reminder of the arrogance that now pervades top level football in the UK.

Meanwhile, the Notts Forest betting tips still suggest the side have a decent chance of making it to the Premier League next season.

However, unless their form improves dramatically they could have to rely on the playoffs as Blackpool did.

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