Hilarious Big Sam


Everybody knew that a lot of funny moments were ahead of us when Big Sam was appointed as England manager. Still, rarely who assumed his departure would be that hilarious. As you probably know, Allardyce was forced to resign after only 67 days. Nevertheless, he earned as much as £550,000 during his tenure.
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Allardyce’s List of Achievements
So, let’s go a bit back and take a look at Sam Allardyce’s career before the FA named him manager.
• He has managed three teams to promotion, Notts County to League 2 (then third tier), and Bolton and West Ham to the Premier League;
• He led Bolton to the sixth position in the Premier League in the 2004/05 season which was the team’s highest position in history and the club was among the top 32 in the UEFA Cup the following season;
• He was sacked after only 24 matches in charge of Newcastle;
• Big Sam is the only manager who has managed both Newcastle and their rivals Sunderland;
• He saved Sunderland from relegation in the 2015/16 season;
• Is often criticised for his long-ball tactics. At one point Mourinho blamed said of West Ham under Allardyce that they’re playing 19th century football.
• In 2006 he was accused of taking bungs for signing certain players which he denied.
• He has never won a Premier League Title, nor has he managed a big club.

img_6621Some of Sam’s Most Epic Comments and Statements

Allardyce has always denied that he uses long-ball tarctics. On numerous occasions he has said that the claim is not based on facts but on other managers’ statements. Despite the fact that he has never been perceived as one of the big players in the managers’ game, Big Sam has always made headlines, mostly with his hilarious statements.
Some rate them as brilliant, others as cheeky, whereas for a group of people that don’t fancy him too much he is just a buffoon. Here are some of his most comical statements.
• When confronted with the fact that he has never managed a top-four EPL club, Big Sam responded that he hasn’t and he won’t because ‘his name is not Allardici, it’s just Allardyce’. Obviously he was referring to the fact that most top Premier League clubs are managed by foreign, most notably Italian coaches, but it was still quite epic.
• When they asked him if he is suited to manage clubs like Blackburn and Bolton, he responded that those are just the clubs that he has managed, not that he is suited to managed, adding that he is more suited to manage clubs like Internazionale Milan and Real Madrid.
• At one point he criticised international friendlies, claiming that it is just a way for ‘stupid football associations to earn more money’.
• When he was sacked by Newcastle, journalists asked him what his next decision is. Big Sam responded that at that point he is only thinking whether he should ‘have toast or cornflakes in the morning’.
• “This tippy-tappy stuff is a load of bollocks” is what Big Sam said of the popular tiki-taka football, championed by Pep Guardiola and other Spanish coaches.
• Asked for a comment on Mourinho’s claim that West Ham were playing 19th century football, he responded ‘I don’t give a shit!’, after laughing for a few seconds.
• At one press-conference he said that he really enjoys beating Arsenal, because that makes Arsene Wenger really angry. He added that once Wenger refused to shake his hand after a draw at Highbury.


He Got His Dream Job
So, that is the man who was picked to lead the English national team after the shameful Euro 2016 exit. Many said that he would be unfit, but the FA defended their decision stating that they preferred an English manager and that his experience would be an invaluable asset. Big Sam was quite chuffed after he was hired and he said that the job is his dream job.

It Didn’t Last Long
And 67 days later, Big Sam is out, in the most shameful way possible. He fell for it, believing the undercover journalists were businessmen, and agreed to receive £400,000 from them, while discussing how FA rules on third-party player ownership were easily navigated. In a classic Big Sam episode he ridiculed England’s former manager Roy Hodgson, mocking his speech impediment.
The scandal was so severe it was reported all over the world. There practically wasn’t an ex footballer, a pundit, or a journalist who didn’t have an opinion. Former England captain Alan Shearer said that Big Sam has turned England and English football into a laughing stock.

Some Were Quite Amused
A serious scandal wouldn’t be a serious scandal if it doesn’t prompt a series of comical responses. And some of them have been quite funny.
• Gary Lineker remarked that nobody would ever top Big Sam’s winning percentage, as he was in charge for only one match and England won it.
• Richard Osman joked that Allardyce would now be ‘a quiz answer for the next 20 years’.
• Paddy Power published a short video clip in which Allardyce’s face slowly turns into the face of Del Boy from Only Fools and Horses, implying that Big Sam ended up being a ‘right plonker’.
• One person on Twitter compared his sacking to the sacking of Jeremy Clarkson by the BBC.
• A lot of jokes were made about the fact that he appeared to be drinking a pint of wine at a Chinese restaurant during the meeting with the undercover Telegraph journalists.