For all the optimism that some Liverpool fans claim is surrounding the club at the moment, with Roy Hodgson sent packing by the new owners and legend Kenny Dalglish coming back to Merseyside to take up the Anfield hot-seat once again, you could be forgiven for thinking that all the club’s problems are going to be solved. However, could it be the case that Liverpool have left themselves in a lose/lose scenario by signing Dalglish up until the end of the season?

When it was all going so poorly for Hodgson at Anfield, the fans were left clamouring for one man, Dalglish. Now he’s back at the club, there are two hypothetical results of his appointment. Firstly, he could fail miserably and oversee another few months in what could turn out to be a dark time indeed in Liverpool’s history, and the football odds certainly indicate the club face a tough time. Secondly, he could pull out all the stops and get the team performing fantastically, only to leave the club at the end of the campaign.

Both scenarios don’t look good for Liverpool in the long-term. The first scenario would taint the name of Dalglish in Liverpool folklore. No longer would he be primarily associated for the golden era between 1985 and 1991 during which time he helped the club hand their trophy cabinet a severe boost. He would forever be remembered for failing to be Liverpool’s saviour. The football betting tips don’t suggest the side will be relegated, but Europe looks out of their reach and that may leave many fans unsatisfied.

The second scenario also isn’t great, because at the end of the day, who can replace the great man? Nostalgia is a funny thing in football and, if Dalglish departs the club at the end of a successful few months, will Liverpool fans ever be happy with his immediate replacement? Football fans are a fickle lot and whenever anything goes even a little bit wrong at Liverpool, Dalglish’s name will surely be called with even greater intensity from the terraces.
By bringing back a man who belongs firmly in Liverpool’s glorious past, it may just be the case that Liverpool’s new owners have shot themselves in the foot.

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