Premier League: Chelsea Lose At Spurs

I’m back – bet you thought you’d got rid of me didn’t you? Ha! But any naysayers might like to remember: I still have the last vestiges of swine flu, so any clever comments and I’ll come round to your house and share it with you, I’m generous like that. Plus, it is the season for giving … although I’m guessing not in the Redknapp household.

“Everyone knows my views on Christmas parties – they are more trouble than they’re worth.”

So said Harry Redknapp following his players unauthorised Christmas knees-up. Apparently, Harry has never liked Christmas. In fact, when son Jamie was a small boy, Harry made a point of blocking up the chimney to prevent the entry of Santa whom he described as a fat, free-loading alcoholic who used Christmas as an excuse to scrounge mince pies and sherry.

Later Harry revealed he had been to the Herr Flick school of football management saying:

“They didn’t ask my permission and they will have to pay the consequences of that.”

Permission to have fun – that sounds a bit harsh. How does one get permission, are there special forms? And what about the consequences? I’ve seen fines mentioned but strongly suspect poor Robbie Keane will be spending Christmas day locked up in solitary like Steve McQueen, chewing on a raw Brussels Sprout and wishing he’d never fallen foul of Herr Harry.

Finally, Merry Christmas, I hope you and yours have a wonderful day!

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