Harry Redknapp and

By Danger Here | Spit of Him

Ironically, Harry has plenty of players at his disposal who can turn into a rat at will.


Harry Redknapp                                     Wormtail

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6 Responses to Harry Redknapp and

  1. Chef says:

    The boy Wormtail is in Harry Potter innit! Smashing lad.Triffic

  2. Ronnie Vinet says:

    Ich sag immer: Laufe immer 20% schneller wie der rest – in fast allen Lebenslagen!

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  5. qspray says:

    He is actually a really good actor. He is versatile and can actually take up any role and beat the hell out of that role. And that is how good an actor he is. He just needs to get a good role.

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