Graeme Souness was quick to wade into murky racial waters:

“I think that’s a natural thing if you’re from that part of the world, you can dance.”

But Eamo, as @figgmeister  points out, is quick to fight racial stereotyping with racial stereotyping:

“You can’t dance in Scotland in case your wallet falls out.”

From the off, it’s clear that Gilesy is in good form:

“Eamon is criticising the singing. I thought the singing was ok.”

An early crisis is narrowly averted when Eamo – having suggested he is to be called up as a guest judge on the All-Ireland talent show – promises not to sing until later in the tournament.

Darragh Moloney’s suggestion that we won’t necessarily be wishing the French well ushers Gilesy into a curious unprompted movie reverie.

“As Humprey Bogart said in, what was the picture Eamon, of all the places, in all the world…”

Returning quickly to earth at Souey’s mention of gin bars, Gilesy threatened to give up the ghost altogether if Argentina win it:

“If Maradona wins it, there’s no such thing as good managers or bad managers. I’d give up on it.”

Both Gilesy and Dunphy, despite a large body of evidence that suggests otherwise, then attempt to persuade us they wouldn’t mind seeing England win it. Souness is even less convincing.

“Graeme has a tattoo on his backside – a union jack,” suggests Eamo.

Prospects of another familiar spat between the pair are headed off when Eamo warns Souey off:

“Are you sure you won’t ask me how many World Cup finals I’ve played in… Ossie Ardiles is going to ask you how many winners’ medals you have baby.”

Back then to what the lads do best, vitriol:

Eamo writes off Italy:

“The guy up front Gilardino is a bit of a donkey.”
Gilesy starts on Sven:

“He’s an amazing man, Sven. To make the money that he did and stay in the game like he did. A total spoofer. Makes 25 million managing England. What does he do?”

Eamo has his say:

“The players didn’t like him. He started to pull their birds.”

A bright start.

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