I think that considering they have a team award, and a lifetime achievement award that Giggs was the wrong choice.No doubt about it, Giggs is a quality player, and has been for more than a decade and a half, but for him to even be in the running feels like a decision based on his longevity rather than anything he did in the past year, so why not give him the lifetime achievment award?

Compare Giggs to previous winners from football.

Bobby Moore – 1966. Had just captained England to World Cup.

Paul Gasgoigne – 1990. Had just cried at a World Cup.

Michael Owen – 1998. Had just scored a goal against Argentina in a World Cup.

David Beckham – 2001. Had just had his haircut and scored a goal against Greece.

Of them, Id say only Moore deserved it, and thats really only with hindsight.

Im sure they didnt think that when they gave it to him that 43 years later hed still be the only English footballer to captain a World Cup winning side.

Giggs didnt do anything special this year or lets say he didnt do anything this year he hasnt done for the past 15 years, apart from survive another year in the top flight.

If winning the league was worthy of an award, Man Utd would have won the team award.

There were a few people who are at the pinnacle of their sports as individuals, even if those sports are dull and over-reliant on technology.

Button or have more pinnacles than the Himalayas Haye, but one of them should have won, my vote, if Id bothered voting would have gone to that Ennis bird.

Nothing against Giggs as a player or person, and this isnt an anti-Man Utd rant, I just think that for footballers to win individual awards in what is a team sport they need to have a spectacular year individually and really shine, and you need to look at them and say, the team would have won nothing without them, and I dont think you can say that about Giggs or Beckham or Owen or Gazza or maybe even Moore, who knows.

But what do I know, I thought that Paul McCartney fella was the best person on the X-Factor last night and he didnt win either.

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