Yes, sorry, this is a rant but come on, Ryan Giggs player of the year?

Well, we all know footballers aren’t the brightest bunch but to vote for a player who has only started 12 games this season is frankly ridiculous.

No-one can doubt Giggs’ achievements in his career – you can’t argue with 10 league titles, four FA Cups, three League Cups, two Champions Leagues and two PFA young player awards. But he has been a bit-part player at best this season, and has only scored ONE league goal. A lifetime achievement award would be more appropriate.

Put it this way, Keith Tracy of Blackburn, Ebi Smolarek of Bolton and Mohamed Shawky of Middlesbrough have played the same number of League games as Giggs this season.

So, how does the voting take place to throw up such an odd result? Do the voting papers arrive, en-masse, on the manager’s desk in February, ready to be dished out after training?

“Here you go lads have a read through this and choose a player.”

Did the reading bit confuse them? Did they ask their captain who to choose and follow him? Or did they read the back pages of the papers (sorry look at the pictures) and decide that way?

Add to that the fact that voting also takes place far too early – the award should be for a season’s work rather than until February. United’s creaking defence hardly warrants three nominations at the moment does it?

Listening to some of the comments from the players on Sky Sports News made you realise that not much thought went   into the voting:

“He’s a legend” – What? That doesn’t mean anything as far as this season is concerned!

“He has been on fire for United this season” – No, no, he hasn’t

Paul McCarthy of the News of the World said he deserves it because   “he has never been embroiled in any sort of controversy.”

So the award goes to the most well-behaved player does it?

So what was going on in the football world in February when the players sat down, pen and paper in hand, with rather confused expressions?

Well, Alan Hansen wrote a gushing blog on the BBC’s website about Giggs after a decent performance against….wait for it….Derby.

Giggs also scored his only, yes only, league goal for the season at West Ham the week before. So therefore he was lucky enough to be in the news at the time the voting papers were in.

It seems a safe football bet that professional footballers should be in the best position to choose the season’s outstanding performer. They are there, on the pitch, seeing first hand the sublime skills of their fellow professionals and when they come to vote they should at least think: who has been my toughest opponent this season?

Sadly it looks like all they do is watch Match Of The Day and listen to Alan Hansen.

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