The interscope in DH Towers is shut down at 5 on the dot every evening so we’ve no idea what kind of behind the scenes activities you can access via’s Big Cup service but according to the on-screen caption at end of Tuesday’s games, we could expect a heavy session of Live Steaming on Wednesday night. Now there’s a test for Gilesy’s moral courage.

Meanwhile, there was a shock relegation for Wayne Rooney.

For a while now, the boy Roon has gained – some would say – rather premature elevation to Eamo’s exclusive gallery of great players – joining the likes of Ruby Walsh, Tiger Woods and Aidan O’Brien. No longer however, for the Roon seems to be have temporarily displaced by the great new love of Eamo’s life Tomas Rosicky.

To be fair, the demotion was handled delicately.

“A wonderful player and potentially a great player.”

But we all know it’s just one small step from a scurvy pup and a wagon.

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