Warren Gatland, Wales egg-chasing coach
Injury: Two broken heels
How? Falling ten feet off a railing when cleaning the windows of his New Zealand home.

Ever Banega, Valencia
Injury: Broken ankle
How? Forgot the handbrake when pouring petrol and allowed his car roll back and crush his foot against the kerb.

Anne Bochmann, British swimmer
Injury: Back strain
How? Over-vigorous vacuuming of her home.

Ashley Slaughter, football referee
Injury: Bee sting
How? Collapsed into unconsciousness for 30 minutes after an allergic reaction to a sting during a Ryman League game.

John Gillam, Oldham Roughyeds
Injury: Fractured toe
How? Leaping out of bed during a nightmare and smashing his toe against a door frame.

Graeme McDowell, golfer
Injury: Badly bruised hand
How? Another nightmare injury; struck a door when sleepwalking in a Chinese hotel room.

Josh Outman, Colorado Rockies
Injury: Strained oblique muscle
How? Over-exerted himself vomiting after a heavy bout of food poisoning.

Mark Buehrle, Miami Marlins
Injury: Cut thumb
How? Sliced open his hand attempting to unscrew the lid on a jar of mayonnaise.

Daniele Doveri, Italian referee
Injury: Dislocated shoulder
How? Dramatically signalling his first free-kick of the day during a Serie A clash between Napoli and Novara.

Jonathan Lucroy, Milwaukee Brewers
Injury: Fractured hand
How? Searching for a sock under the bed, just as his wife elected to drop a heavy suitcase in the vicinity.

Ian Hawtin, Oxfordshire
Injury: Broken elbow
How? Hyper-extended his arm hanging on for dear life after he fell out of his loft.

Mark Boucher, South Africa
Injury: Scleral laceration
How? Was forced to retire from cricket after a flying bail flicked up and caught him in the eye, tearing the white part of the eyeball.

Chris Anker Sørensen, Saxo Bank SunGard cycling team
Injury: Gashed hand
How? Trying to free a newspaper from his front wheel during the Tour de France, Sorensen’s fingers were caught in the spokes while travelling at speed.

Ryan Sweeney, Boston Red Sox
Injury: Broken hand
How? Punched a metal dugout door in frustration after being ground out in a win over the Detroit Tigers.

Jon Brockman, Houston Rockets
Injury: Damaged eye
How? Exercising at the gym, he was struck in the eye by a recoiling elastic resistance band which had slipped off his foot.

Steve Blake, LA Lakers
Injury: Punctured foot
How? Stood on a strip of tire shredders when parking his car.

Kevin Love, Minnesota Timberwolves
Injury: Dead arm
How? Dangling his arm out of the bed all night as he slept.

Adam Chapman, Oxford United
Injury: Burnt nipple
How? Misjudging both the heat of the milk and his choice of attire when bottle feeding his baby in the middle of the night.

Mark Beck, Carlisle United
Injury: Broken finger
How? Was bending to pick something off floor at his home when teammate Dave Symington trod on his hand.

Gary Neal, San Antonio Spurs
Injury: Gashed finger
How? Ripped the skin off the index finger of his shooting hand when he caught it in the zip of his suitcase.


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