By  Myles na Gopaleen

If a group of 15 or sixteen trainee accountants or solicitors (two moderately well paid, privilaged subsets) acted the way many professional football teams did, they’d be jailed.

Footballers live in a consequence-free environment. Could you imagine a carpenter walking away scot free after beating his co-worker with a golf club for not singing karaoke?

Footballers are above the law, hero-worshipped and deified by even those who should know better. Gofers and minders cater to their every whim. The law does not apply to them. The expectation society places on young men in general does not apply to them. They can treat whoever they like however they like.

Players get ‘sacked’ for misbehaviour and are then given the punishment of a new job with possibly better terms and conditions. Would any of your companies keep a Joey Barton on it’s payroll?

People use ther charity-giving as a screen to protect the footballer from admonishment. The fact is agents put together these charity tie-ins. The money is deducted from a gigantic slush fund and the player turns up twice a year to awkardly pat some handicapped kid on the head and shuffle away as quickly as possible.

Footballers are pricks. They are pricks because they have zero perception of the real world. They are cossetted by agents, gofers and club fixers who are at their beck and call 24/7.

They are paid money that more often than not belies their limited talent. Most footballers are not entertaining. Most footballers are technically limited and are gym bunnies who have a sub 4 second 40 yard sprint and score the odd goal.

For every Messi there are 100 James Beatties. Yet try telling the James Beatties of this world that they are limited in talent and fortunate to be in the employment they are in.

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