World Cup Videos

A moment’s relief for Fabio Capello

Don Fabio relieves frustration during England-Germany.

Nicklas Bendtner colours in his socks

Ref gives Nic Bendtner something to do during boring bits of Japan match.

Fabio Capello knocks Stuart Pearce off the bench

Fabio gets excited and floors Pearce with fair shoulder.

Landon Donovan and Bianca – Eamo sees chance

Denis Irwin, of all people, has the inside scoop on Landycakes.

Johnny Giles fancies Gabby Logan

But isn't entirely impressed with her interview techniques.

Ossie Ardiles and the love that dare speak its name

Ossie Ardiles speaks frankly about his intimate football relationship.

Graeme Souness and all of RTE love Danish blondes

Souness, Liam Brady and Damien Richardon infatuated with Danish bombshell.

Disembarking plane more dangerous than football

George Hamilton's luggage woe before Denmark-Cameroon.

Nicolas Anelka interview with Tommie Gorman

Tommie pleads with Nicolas Anelka to return to the French World Cup squad.

Wayne Rooney rant to camera after Algeria draw

"Nice to see your home fans booing you," moans irate Rooney. "That's what loyal supporters. Fuck's sake," the Roon concluded mournfully. On ITV, Adrian Chiles was sympathetic: "You can understand his frustration." But John Giles on RTE was less understanding. "What does he...

Maradona asserts sexuality

"I like women, I like women," protests Diego Maradona.

Georgie Thompson pulls vuvuzela prank

Thompson clearly tampers with Dave Jones' instrument.

Brazil 1970 team were useless

Proof positive that Pele and the lads were a shambles, a rabble.



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