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Euro 2008

Souey unimpressed with Thierry

Jimmy taken with Italians, Ronnie helpful, Andy alarmed

Quote of the tournament

Different class from a perplexed Mister Magee at Italy-Romania "There were dozens of people coming in with hot-dogs, burgers and trays of beer. I thought that was just an American thing. Maybe they were Americans."

Rare humility from Razor

Ray Houghton must have had a few to commemorate Stuttgart; "I missed an incredible amount of chances. A lot of people will look back to Wembley in 1991 when I missed from six yards. It's easily done I can tell...

Euro 2008 early guff round-up

George marvels at Turk battling on with gurney strapped to leg "And Servet is having a large piece of medical equipment strapped to his left knee!" Jimmy Magee not impressed with less than magical Sagnol free-kick; "He can't put it through people....

Looking on the bright side with Razor

The rest of the human world are agog at Holland's lightning break for goal number two and Geo van Bronckhorst's miraculous reincarnation as a genious. Ray "of sunshine" Houghton's instant reaction? "Would they have got the opportunity if the referee...

Learning from your mistakes

No Turkish Christian names for George this time round; "Turkish footballers tend to be known by their first names."

Narrowing it down with Eamon Dunphy

An ongoing series; "If you backed Portugal, you can take your betting slip and tear it up." "I would cross the French off the list of possible winners Bill." "I wouldn't put either Italy or Holland up there as contenders to win...

Rare lack of practicality from Gilesy

This tournament's answer to "personal stereos and third-level education destroying the standard of international football". Brady: "The games at five o'clock have been inferior." Billo: "For what reason?" Brady: "Will, I think it is cooler at night, Bill." Billo: "Hold on, we're only...

The Ronaldo fatwa reignited

And in some style by Gilesy; "Marilyn Monroe was the greatest star in the world but she was never known as a great actor. Ronaldo is like that."

Ireland’s brightest daily will be chuffed

Has Eamo forgotten his other paymasters? "Will you promise me Bill you'll stop reading those tabloids." Perhaps he has. Recall the official fatwa cessation back in January. "I couldn't have been more wrong about Cristiano Ronaldo... We have to reassess Ronaldo's reputation....



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