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Quotes 2010-2011

Dynamite George back in the groove

Liverpool a tight-knit club, Bobby Gould's Brighton miracle, Alan Brazil on fire.

The drugs don’t work for Roy Hodgson

Clint Dempsey talks sawker, Iain Dowie trucks away, Ronnie has a plan.

Mancini subjecting his babies to terror regime

Jamie's medical investigations continue, Alan Brazil pigeon fancier.

Quotes of the week – Robbie Savage makes up the rules

Gilesy warns Spurs fans, Kevin Keegan sticks to what he knows and Merse takes pressure off Wilshere.

Terry Venables and his consistent guff

Merse finishes off Theo, Ger Canning attempts joke, shames nation.

What Thommo thinks of Northern Ireland

Ronnie Whelan reveals more trouble at City and Chelsea.

Alan Hansen upset by terse Tottenham and all the week’s quotes

Ray Hudson puts Pep Guardiola through unpleasant Nou Camp initiation routine.

Jamie the perfectionist

Selection dilemmas with the Merse.

Paul Merson ghosts into the guff parade

Kenny Dalglish settles back into the Liverpool way

Butch Wilkins stays on his feet in the gantry

Micky Quinn has the last word on Rooney rant

Chris Kamara takes no chances with Sian Massey

Gilesy cooks the books for Man United.

Big Pat’s embarrassment of riches

The Merse goes a bridge too far.



Eamon Dunphy

Graham Taylor

John Motson

Kevin Keegan

George Hamilton