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2013 in Guff – Charlie Nicholas finds the positives

It might even have been the year that guff fought back.

The Week in Guff – Souness in brave Premier League prediction

Mixed punditry reaction to Fergie's book

Juve win shrouded in Ray Hudson magic

Merse and usual suspects also to the fore in Guff roundup

Niall Quinn puts the brakes on Cardiff joy

Richie Sadlier has the best CV in punditry

The Merse backs a hunch about Southampton

And all the rest of the week's guff

Final day guff

Commentary Gabriel Egan-style as Cameron Jerome puts Birmingham 2-1 up; "Ahhh, who go, a ha, here we go." Ray Wilkins ups the hype-ante on Sky; "There's so many people's lives at stake" Quite what Peter Beagrie has against the Hull gaffer, we don't...

One for the ages

A poignant window into The Merse's soul; "Next year don't come"

Career hope for Big Phil

It's around the time of year when youngsters everywhere are anxiously mulling over their futures, wondering just what line of work might eventually suit their raw talents. All that uncertainty is over, however, for one troubled young man, as the...

The case of the missing fireplace

As solved by Rio Ferdinand, and all the rest of the week's guff. BRAVO RIO You can't take your eyes off Man U players for a second. With foreman Gary Neville off the premises, someone half-inched the Old Trafford marble. Thankfully,...

Kev drives on and other stories

More England keeper trouble, six minute Fergie cries foul, Lawro danger in the workplace and more... GOING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION With the miracles slow in coming, destiny might not be so kind to the Geordie Messiah. But with everyone else...

Big Cup guff update

Eamo's sharpest u-turn and other stories..... When Adebayor shook off his bemusement at little Theo's accurate cross to knock in Arse's second, delirious George was blowing in the wind: "It's all over now baby blue." Eamo's fastest mind-change yet: "Spanish football is...

What Thommo said next this week

Pick the bones out of this; "As we've seen with other clubs, it doesn't necessarily mean you need good management on the footballing side, is to pick the teams, and maybe when you not got as much money, you have...

What Thommo said next

At the behest of Nicole Kidman, millions of ladies the world over are prodding a white Gameboy with a stick in a bid to improve brainpower. And yet you'll scarcely find a woman in the land to tune into Soccer...



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