Saturday, July 22, 2017

Eamon Dunphy not mad keen on Terry Venables any more shocker

Just one extract from a highly entertaining barney between Dunphy and Gilesy over the possibility of El Tel getting the Ireland job. Eamo's primary concern is the slim prospect of Tel coming "over here to little Paddyland and not...

Alan Hansen upset by terse Tottenham and all the week’s quotes

Ray Hudson puts Pep Guardiola through unpleasant Nou Camp initiation routine.

Jamie the perfectionist

Selection dilemmas with the Merse.

Getting steamy in RTE as Roon demoted

The interscope in DH Towers is shut down at 5 on the dot every evening so we've no idea what kind of behind the scenes activities you can access via's Big Cup service but according to the on-screen...

Marvellous Magee monkeys around in guff onslaught

Jimmy blooms for Nigeria-Greece to break all-known World Cup guff records.

Alan Shearer prolongs Africa’s misery – kind of

Gilesy keeps it simple, Peter Drury goes tight and all the World Cup quarter-finals guff

Squeaky bum time for United detects Hoddle

Charlie Nicholas and Valencia take the law into their own hands.

Liverpool’s relative success

Smudger risks Scouse wrath and rest of quick one-twos Alan Smith confirms Liverpool have always been a family club: "Liverpool have depended on that inbred discipline." Jamie Redknapp has Ricardo Fuller on the physio's sofa: "I don't know what state of mind his...

Keys cries for Fellaini

Ashey absense weight off Geordies and all the this week's quick one-twos Mike Ashley's absence has already had its effect; Ian Darke: "A very, very thin crowd by Newcastle standards." Pronunciation of the week - Graeme Souness' take on Bolton's keeper; "Jastlun Chestunlaika" Ray...

Jimmy traps Brown in a lift

No losers for Jeff, Sbragia cut open, Silvestre's mickey and David Brady sets GAA guff standard.

Brown Phil’s over the shoulder number

Word of Hod, Kamara Chameleon, modern day Jamie and more

Waddler gets his angles wrong

Racism against Brown Phil. Chelsea's model pros. Keegan and Le Tiss turn it round.

Harkes finishes his thesis

Tony Cas heals Rooney but Richard Keys squeamish. Merse works on.


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