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Howard Wilkinson

The man who thought he could learn football from a book.

George Hamilton

The jinxing metaphor king

Brian Moore

Grand old uncle of footie coverage. RIP

Carry On Commentating

He's pulling him off! The Spanish manager is pulling his captain off! And all that kind of thing.

Tony Gubba

Versatile jack-of-all-sports hides guff under bushel.

John Motson

Love Football. Hate Germany. Heh heh. No one could fault John Motson for lack of commitment to the game. The man lives, breathes, and most likely eats football. Renowned for commentating on Subbuteo matches at home to warm up for...

John Giles

The statesman of Irish punditry

Tom Tyrrell

The voice of Manchester United

Mixed Metaphors

There was only ever going to be one winner: 10. "In the Scottish Cup you only get one crack at the cherry against Rangers or Celtic." Tom Ferrie 9. "I can see the carrot at the end of the tunnel." Stuart Pearce 8. "The...

Brian Marwood

Guff Profiles: Now a big cheese at City, once simply a fence-sitting man of guff.

Bobby Robson

The grand old gentleman of guff.

Graham Taylor

Turnip for the English books

The Queen’s English

The top 10 dictionary manglers: 10. "They haven't made many sautées forward." Clive Allen 9. All the cul-de-sacs are closed for Scotland. Joe Jordan 8. There is great harmonium in the dressing room. Sir Alf Ramsey 7. "He's not going to adhere himself to the fans." Alan...



John Motson

Eamon Dunphy

Graham Taylor

Kevin Keegan

George Hamilton