Saturday, July 22, 2017

Tony Gubba

Versatile jack-of-all-sports hides guff under bushel.

15 reasons why Andy Townsend divided ITV viewers

Word that co-commentator Andy Townsend is set to leave ITV at the end of the season has divided the watching public. Here’s why…

Eamon Dunphy

The insult files. Embarrassing, bankrupt, hopeless.

Barry Davies

Legend turned ice-dancer

Bobby Robson

The grand old gentleman of guff.

Howard Wilkinson

The man who thought he could learn football from a book.

David Pleat

Beige suit, off-white loafers, huge stock of guff

Christmas crackers

The guff of Christmas past

Radio Ga-Ga

They say a picture paints a thousand words. And while there are many that wish the likes of Motty would take greater heed of the maxim, it stands to reason that your average radio commentator or pundit must be...

Brian Moore

Grand old uncle of footie coverage. RIP

The George Hamilton guff story continues

A salute to a decade of guff

The Trevor Brooking test

A proven psychometric profiling tool.

Alan Parry

"The first major trophy of the afternoon will be decided later." Alan puts the Carling Cup in its place. "Cleland was the victim of his own downfall." Landed badly? "Villa will probably play a lot worse than this and lose." They surely will. "That's referee...


Eamon Dunphy

Graham Taylor

Kevin Keegan

John Motson

George Hamilton