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Funny Old Game

European Football betting

So you’d like to bet on European football (soccer)?   You’re not alone. Millions of Euros and dollars are put down on European? football matches every year through Luxbet online betting and others.  Thanks to online sportsbooks, anyone  can...

All change in Manchester

Dave Odell rounds up the week's funny football stories Mixed up in Manchester Something of a twilight zone has been set up around Manchester. It has usually been fairly easy to distinguish between Manchester City FC and their local rivals Manchester...

Transfer twists

Lets be honest everyone loves the speculation of the transfer market, you know the type of thing, which players are going where, how much they're going to cost, how often they'll say "This is the only club I've ever...

Football, Fifteen Years On

When football was invented in 1992 by a brave, visionary group of television executives, none of them could possibly have foreseen the juncture at which we now find ourselves, on the cusp of the sixteenth season of what those...

Outside Left: Phileas Beckham feeling the pace

We start in Lithuania with the owner of Scottish side Heart of Midlothian FC, Vladimir Romanov. While considered a hard-nosed wheeler-dealer in his business life, he is now showing off a more sensitive side of his personality as he...

advice from men how to get an ex boyfriend back

the best way to get an ex back what to say when you want your ex back How to get yoyr giflriend back trying to get your boyfriend back in a text facebook messages to get your boyfriend back The new soccer season...

The Croke Park Phrasebook

Fair play to Marty Morrissey and the lads for throwing open the doors. Surely the least the football community can do in return is make some effort not to sully the sacred sod with our Ole Ole-ing, our Mexican...



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