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For Your Eyes Rodney

After the plans for a new digital TV football highlights service are lost at a motorway service station, BSkyB begins a feverish search for them. As Bond (Jeff Stelling) joins the search, he suspects Rodney Marsh of involvement in...

Diamonds are for Trevor

Tired of eking a frugal living from sitting on the fence, evil, scantily clad villain Trevor Brooking decides instead to become a fence, soon doing a roaring trade in stolen diamonds at his casino in East London. When malevolent...

You’re Only Live Twice

In a rash move, MI6 boss "M" appoints Agent 0013 (Frank Stapleton) as the new anchor of Gillette Soccer Saturday, freeing up Agent 007 (Jeff Stelling) for expanded greyhound-related duties. But catastrophic levels of dourness, glumness and negativity, combined...

Kamara Never Dies

Megalomaniac media mogul Elliot Carver (Jonathan Pryce) seeks to complete his global communications empire by demolishing the BSkyB media conglomerate. Finding himself thwarted by the ratings-winning excitability of co-commentator/pundit Chris Kamara, he dispatches a team of assassins to dispose...



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