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The Unlikely Lads

Have you ever been foiled late doors having avoided the football scores all day?

Peter Collins shakes off Twitter scandal

But RTE star set for jungle escape

Learn Modern Merse – Lesson 1

The building blocks of an exciting, if primitive, new language.

World Cup lookalikes: Anxious Danes

Worries Danes hope Bendtner and co have x-factor against Cameroon.

World Cup lookalikes – Joachim Low

No desperation so far for housewives' favourite German gaffer Joachim Low.

Rafa Benitez and…

New series of kids' favourite takes traumatic turn when the star of the show finds out what her father does for a living.

The Charter of Reality: Who are the real teams?

Lesson 3: A simple guide to dismissing the achievements of all but a handful of teams in history with Eamon Dunphy and John Giles. Positivity will get you absolutely nowhere in football punditry. It's all very well to flirt with...

Gilesy’s ten footballing commandments

Lesson 2: The essential building blocks of any punditry career as carved in stone by John Giles. 1. Thou shalt provide honesty of effort 2. Thou shalt defend on its merits 3. Thou shalt speculate to accumulate 4. Thou shalt have the courage...

DH Archive: Jack Charlton – The Irish Years

And more money for old rope

Wayne Bridge cannot face John Terry

Don't look me in the eye, JT always liked to roar. Photo from fOTOGLIF

Phil Neville hungry, JT resting, Arsene waves, Mourinho nabbed

The most fetching pictures from the weekend's football action.

Eamo Galah’s verdict on the John Terry affair

Eamo is not impressed with JT's performance. More from Eamo Galah Eamo and John at the tennis

Brian Moore

Grand old uncle of footie coverage. RIP



John Motson

Eamon Dunphy

Graham Taylor

Kevin Keegan

George Hamilton