Premier League tickets: The race for the title heats up in November

With Manchester City's 6-1 demolition of Manchester United at Old Trafford, the race for the Premier League has been thrown wide open. A number of crucial ties in November involving Liverpool, Chelsea, City and United will have us supporters...

Big Ron to return in mystery TV project

SunTalk Radio tipster (Can't say we've had the pleasure, oh no it's closed down) Carl Harris has blown the lid off some exciting news for forgiving language enthusiasts everywhere; Big Ron is set to return to our TV screens. It's...

What? ITV win award for World Cup coverage!

They  mightn't always have pressed the right buttons, they mightn't even have shown us all the goals, they might not have talked very much sense; but it's official - nobody does slow motion better than ITV. At Sportel Monaco -...

Israelis campaign to get rid of Eyal Berkovic as commentator

It's the media equivalent of being kicked in the head by John Hartson;  an Israeli football writer has launched a campaign to get  Eyal  Berkovic off the TV. The frustrated scribe at  Jewish  Press International is seemingly unhappy with...

Ian Gwyn Hughes gone from Match of the Day

Match of the Day commentator Ian Gwyn Hughes has left the show to take up a new position as Head of Public Affairs at the Welsh FA. The Welsh commentator with the distinctive voice worked in his new role at...

Everyone wants to be a Football Superstar

The latest video from our pals at Football Superstars.



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