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Will Rafa do a Martin O’Neill?

Paul Little wonders if Benitez will get his priorities straight in Europa?

Ancelotti must ditch Drogba to save Torres

Paul Little believes London town isn't big enough for the both of them.

Mediocre Hodgson will never win over the Liverpool faithful

Paul Little believes Roy Hodgson doesn't have the CV to convince doubters he can turn Liverpool round.

Five key learnings from the Ramsey leg break

Having sat back and observed and cogitated on the furore that followed the shattering of Aaron Ramsey's leg, here are five things Paul Little has learned from the affair 1. Arsenal still do not like it up 'em. They are...

Keep the faith and let Rafa do his job

Paul Little believes Liverpool should stick to their guns and give Rafa the backing he needs.

Blatter adds insult to injury

I thought I was angry a few weeks ago when Thierry Henry's slight of hand ended Ireland's World Cup hopes on the field of play—but then I saw Sepp Blatter yesterday, and now I'm flippin fuming. OK, the grovelling plea...

Fair play when it suits us

As a very proud Irishman inspired by Ireland's greatest ever performance and result over 90 minutes of football, I must say that the disgust experienced by France's injury time clincher is being replaced by an uneasy feeling of dismay...

Liverpool fans must be careful what they wish for

While it should be cause for worry for Rafael Benitez that he seems to be losing the affections of Liverpool supporters, surely of more concern to the Spaniard must be the worry that he is losing his power over...

Andy Reid furore unfair on Trap

Paul Little says Andy Reid's unprofessional outlook was not of Trapattoni's making

Alonso sale can be justified

While many Liverpool fans will obviously feel unhappy about the sale of a prized asset like Xabi Alonso, and some will even point the finger of blame at Rafa Benitez, it is worth considering the sale from the manager's...



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