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Fergie exit like Seinfeld finale

Ferguson exit doesn't leave them laughing either.

Neymar’s ham-acting drives me mad

Barca tumbler needs to find his metier.

Flat Hansen couldn’t be bothered changing things up

An early goodbye to the BBC pundit.

Ireland’s display against Sweden turns Gilesy off football

Will it be like Paris? Not really, no.

Gilesy the big brother Ron once was

The two finest football pundits to work during Premier League Era were in action.

Big Begovic and the return of the Premier League

There's always the option to switch it off.

Will Rafa do a Martin O’Neill?

Paul Little wonders if Benitez will get his priorities straight in Europa?

Rafa Benitez dragged into the rising cult of the project manager

Rafa Benitez was once a man who would have considered only jobs rather than projects.

The curious modern addiction to football controversy

We have known, for a while, that the good people of England have little or no interest left in football.

Getting to know football’s divers

After some comedy tumbling recently from Messrs Bale, Suarez and Torres, the sharp practise of diving has gained official status as a ‘cancer within the game’, a diagnosis rubberstamped by FIFA vice-president Jim Boyce – his organisation as keen...
Clive Tyldesley

Clive Tyldesley goes to war on our best intentions

England struggle manfully to keep a lid on expectations.
John Giles Euro 2012

Gilesy had the moral courage to swim against the tide

Fancy flicks break down when they reach Keano.

Green is the colour, Dunphy is the star

Eamo's tears moisten an enjoyable look back at the Jack years.



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