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The Beckham experiment

In what is perhaps the true definition of hypocrisy, American author Grant Wahl is looking to cash in on David Beckham's celebrity persona by writing a book about.... that very same David Beckham circus that moved across the Atlantic...

Well we didn’t see that coming did we?

Just when Michael Owen looked set to check out property in Stoke or Hull Sir Alex Ferguson gave him the phone call he dreamed of and snapped him up from under the nose of perma-tanned wonder Phil Brown. The destination...

New balls please

Yes, the headline is a coded reference to the fact that Wimbledon is still on, though so rather bizarrely is the football. This week saw the Confederations Cup final, a sort of World Cup warm-up tournament that the Brazilians did...

Xavi Alonso: Footballer and economist?

Liverpool's Spanish midfielder isn't renowned for speaking out; he generally keeps his head down and gets on with the job pretty much like his performances on the football pitch - quietly efficient. So the last thing you would expect him...

What Fergie could spend £80 million pounds on

Ronaldo finally did us all a favour and admitted has wanted to move to Real Madrid for years, meaning we can hopefully put the most tedious of transfer stories to bed. But now Fergie has two black suitcases stuffed...

Andy is taking it sitting down

Nice one Billo. Just when everyone else is trying to convince Trap that Andy Reid isn't lazy: "What is the point of calling in Stokes when somebody like Reid is sitting playing golf or something in Sunderland."

Nice one George

"A win's a win's a win. And if you want to win you need the goal... Italy are only one-nil up in Podgorica. This is Kishichev, Petrov... oh nooooo!"

And I really mean that, Richard

In the US they have Obama. In this part of the world, all we can cling to in these grim, recessionary times is the indefatigable optimism of Andy Gray. Never a gloomy man at the worst of times, when the...

World Cup 2010: Group Favourites

Although it's still a long way off - four months and change - the 2010  FIFA World Cup has been on the tip of everyone's tongue since  Italy  won a shocker last time the Cup was held. Unfortunately, no...



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