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Harry Redknapp and Milan Mandaric

Harry Redknapp rejects Milan Mandaric retail therapy suggestion

Acquitted gaffer refuses to blow off steam by going shopping.

Netherlands v England: A game of two halves

To use an old footballing cliché, England's match against the Netherlands last night was a game of two halves. The first disappointing, as careless mistakes gave the Dutch a 2-0 lead; the second inspiring, as England fought back and...

Who’s the oldest … ?

Fans of Wrexham FC are currently involved in a campaign to save their historic Racecourse stadium. Built in 1807, it is officially the oldest football stadium in the world. If you're curious about other football related longevity records, here...

Manchester United framed at Anfield

A little bit too much check side on the backpass.

Bent – ill advised twit

What was Darren Bent thinking? I wrote a blog a few months ago suggesting some of the more comical (and fictional) ways Twitter could have been used to report recent footballing events. I never thought it would be used in...

The new Harold Schumacher

Nuno Claro finds his own personal Patrick Battiston. The plea of innocence is the coup de grace.

Brian Moore

Grand old uncle of footie coverage. RIP

David Villa bender

Conventional pitch too easy for Valencia man.

That’s a spotter’s badge Clive – the anthem

Has it really come to this?

Linesman gets it in the neck

Assistant referee takes exception to Brazilian cold water protest.

Fergie, the etymologically challenged man

Will someone please buy Fergie a dictionary. As we all know he has no concept of time - in his world there is real time that we all use, and Fergietime, which is rather vague and elastic, and which...

Commentators United for England World Cup song

Man the guffparts. Clive Tyldesley, Steve Wilson, Martin Tyler and lots more have all united on one broadcast. They might be on different sides of a World Cup ratings war but commentators from all channels have come together to record...

Defoe? I’d be more impressed if he’d scored while eating a pie

The big footballing story of the weekend was Tottenham's total trouncing of Wigan in a match that ended 9-1 and which included five goals scored by England hopeful, Jermaine Defoe. Poor, humiliated Wigan have announced players will refund fans'...



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