Sports - October 17, 2007

The weekend is drawing near, so here’s a round-up of a few stories that caught my eye this week, along with my thoughts on them.

I have no wish to offend residents of Morcambe, but it has to be said it isn’t exactly a glamorous location. However, I was surprised to discover Sol Campbell found playing there so traumatic he felt he should leave Notts County rather than risk ever having to return. County fans may be miffed, but look at it from his perspective: one day he’s eating prawn sandwiches on the beaches of the south of France, the next, it’s a stale pork pie on a beach littered with, well, detritus. Bless him, after all those years at the top he didn’t realise the world wasn’t entirely populated with Ferrari-driving jet-setters.   County manager, Ian McParland , described Campbell as “a smashing lad and a decent human being.” I’m guessing that translates as ‘he’s an indecisive pain in the bum, and if he wasn’t so big I’d thump him’.

Fulham’s Danny Murphy has described Craig Bellamy’s recent antics as “crazy”. You’re being a redundant there Danny, describing Bellamy as crazy is a bit like calling cheese a milk-based product, it kind of goes without saying.

And finally, The Offside, are asking you to nominate your favourite underrated players, pop over and leave your thoughts! I have a feeling that given his current financial woes, Liverpool’s Rafael Benitez will be watching that thread with interest.

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