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Football pundits are debating the possibility of Manchester United winning another premiership title, which would be a remarkable achievement, one which took them ahead of Liverpool in terms of league success – the two currently hold the joint record of 18 league titles. However, what about those other teams, the ones who careers are less illustrious, the ones who hold the kind of records most teams would rather not talk about?

In 1997-98, Doncaster Rovers took the record for most losses in a single season when they lost 34 out of 46 games.

Derby County hold the record for the longest unbroken run without a win, they didn’t win a match between 17th September, 2007 and 13th September, 2008.

The record for most home losses goes to Sunderland, who lost 14 games in both the 2002-03 and 2005-06 seasons.

The record for the lowest number of points in a season also belongs to Sunderland, who racked up just 19 before their relegation from the premiership in 2002-03.

The team with most losses in top flight football is Everton, with a not so grand total of 1423. On the up side, that does demonstrate how long they’ve been playing at that level.

Everton also hold the record for the highest number of unsuccessful FA Cup final appearances with 8.

And finally, Grimsby appear to be the most relegated team, but I couldn’t find anything to back that up. If you know, share your wisdom in the comments!