Just another average week in the life of a Premier League footballer…

It started with Chelsea in the Champions League last Wednesday. Michael Ballack did nothing all game until the 92nd minute when he decided to hug referee Tom Overbo following his non-penalty award, presumably thinking a bit of German love would cause him to change his mind.Then it was the amazing case of Didier Drogba, whose injuries can heal in a matter of minutes!

The Ivory Coast international, limped off the field with a few minutes left, like a brave wounded soldier in the heat of battle. Fast forward to the final whistle and Drogba, complete with flip-flops, storms across the field apparently unharmed to remonstrate with the referee.

This made Drogba look stupid on so many levels. A cheat and a bad loser – the defeat was perhaps just desserts for a player who has won so many free-kicks and penalties through diving in the past – his reputation has gone before him on this occasion.

Next in the hall of shame is Tottenham skipper Ledley King who, despite having dodgy knees meaning he can’t play two games in a week, was still able to get in trouble with the law after a night out, just hours after playing a game for Spurs at Everton.

King was arrested in the early hours of Sunday for an alleged assault outside a nightclub in Soho. A \’celebrity haunt’ of a nightclub with a minimum spend of £500 pound apparently, which will hardly endear King to the ordinary fan.

But who else to complete the hat-trick of petulance and bad behaviour? It’s a safe football bet that it’ll be our Cristiano.

With the game won against Man City on Sunday Ronaldo was substituted, much to his disgust, and the toys were thrown out of his pram in a big way.

Firstly there was much procrastination on the touchline, with arms a waving and heads a shaking. He then slammed his jacket to the floor, leaving the kit-man who handed it to him looking a little uncomfortable. He then proceeded to sulk on the bench, shaking his head and at one point looking close to tears. Still not happy he then left the ground just 15 minutes after the final whistle, storming off in his big expensive car.

I really don’t know what his problem is sometimes, he has played in 50 games this season, including a Champions League semi-final five days earlier while a Champions League final awaits in a few weeks. Added to that is two league games this week which could decide the title. Does half an hour against a beaten City side really matter? Is his ego really that sensitive?

Surely it makes senses for him to take a rest before the final few games of the season. Maybe his reaction means United days are numbered?

So there you have it, another normal week in the lives of our rich spoiled pampered footballers.

I wonder what is in store next week?