Paul Little
Paul Little

Having sat back and observed and cogitated on the furore that followed the shattering of Aaron Ramsey’s leg, here are five things Paul Little has learned from the affair

1. Arsenal still do not like it up \’em. They are brittle – so brittle in fact, that when you go in with sufficient force, their bones crumble, rendering the player in question inert and useless.

2. Ryan Shawcross is simply “not that kind of player.” Shawcross’s mother and Tony Pulis know this; Aaron Ramsey’s mum, Aaron Ramsey, Arsene Wenger, Frannie Jeffers and Emanuel Adebayor may doubt the veracity of the statement.

3. Arsenal should sign Glenn Whelan to attend to their grievously broken players so that the rest of the side can focus their efforts on gurning  emotionally for the cameras without messy distractions.

4. Limbs that dangle where they are not supposed to dangle make for unpleasant viewing. Thank you Mr TV director man for averting my eyes for me from Saturday’s horror.

5. If there is indeed some form of conspiracy by technically challenged, bully boy teams to kick Arsenal into submission, then it is a decidedly unimpressive one. The managers of Stoke, Birmingham, Bolton etc need to get their heads together – as three leg breaks in four seasons is a poor return indeed.

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