So the football season is well underway, those strange, empty close-season weekends are at an end. For most of us it’s a relief, not least because we now have an excuse not to wander round shopping-centres on a Saturday afternoon, but for some people, it’s more serious. Some fans, go beyond merely admiring their teams, and are a little, well, obsessive. For them the start of a new season doesn’t just mean the chance to see their guys in action, it’s more like feeding an addiction. How can you tell if you fall into that category? Read on …

On discovering your lucky shirt/scarf/underpants have disintegrated in the washing machine you go into a decline, predicting dire results for the rest of the season. Of course, your club’s success depended entirely on that totem; the skill of the players and ingenuity of the manager had nothing to do with it.

You ignore your beloved whispering sweet nothings in your ear, because you’re more worried about whether your left back will recover from that nasty hamstring injury. In fact, you think about that 80 times a day!

You decorate your house in the colours of your team – apparently that’s something women are more likely to do!

You name your children after your favourite player, or even change your own name to include that of your team – as this chap did.

And as ever, over to you, any examples of extreme fandom you’d like to share?

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