How did Ray Stubbs, Rebecca Lowe, Chris Waddle and co get on in their first season together?

Live game selection

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Best show

Serie A Weekly Roundup packs all you need to know from Italy into 30 minutes.


Unimaginative signing of Jon Champion from Setanta. Coldly competent but doesn’t half like to lecture.


A morose Kevin Keegan goes through the motions while Alan Curbs sleeps blissfully through gentle Stubbs prodding.


Ray Stubbs only comes alive when England is the subject. Much fretting about JT and “the office of the England captaincy.”

Credit is due

The ESPN house style is admirably restrained compared with the Sky hype frenzy.

Rebecca Lowe’s two-parts flirtatious fan, one-part nervy work-experience girl act seems to work well in player interviews.

Star turn

Solid unit with no stars. Television’s answer to Birmingham.


Chris “There’s a pelanty at the Arzenal” Waddle.
Lowe telling the players when they can leave the tunnel.
Joining Serie A games late so Kev and Curbs can drone on.

They said

Never visit the Joe Royle Infirmary: “It’s hit him more on the elbow than the arm.”

2009/2010 Rating

*** Great range of coverage. Low-key, oft boring presentation.

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