In the aftermath of England-USA, it seemed RTE and ITV inhabited two entirely different universes.

Eamon Dunphy: “An astonishingly inept performance by England.”

Gareth Southgate: “I thought we played well. You just can’t legislate for that goal.”

Graeme Souness: “I can’t believe  England  have played that badly. They were average in every department tonight.”

Patrick Vieira: “It was quite a good game by  England. I think they played really well. They dominated the game from start to finish.”

John Giles: “We’ve seen five matches. By far the worst match and by far the worst perfomarmance by  England. Awful. No cohesion.”
Dunphy: “Primitive and stupid football.”

Kevin Keegan: “I agree with Capello I think it was a very, very good performance. Good enough to win any game, certainly today’s game.”

Even in a parallel world, they could at least have told Kev the score.

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