Just one extract from a highly entertaining barney between Dunphy and Gilesy over the possibility of El Tel getting the Ireland job. Eamo’s primary concern is the slim prospect of Tel coming “over here to little Paddyland and not embarrassing us?”

Dunphy: “1996 England got to the semi-finals of the European Championship. They drew with Switzerland, struggled to beat Scotland, who missed a penalty in the match. In the end, they went out on penalties.”

Gilesy: “Beat Holland.”

Dunphy: “Ah, the Holland team, at that time, the black players and…”

Gilesy: “You can’t be selecting..”

Dunphy: “I have to… I’ve done my homework…”

Gilesy: “You can’t look back and say \’they were no good’…”

Dunphy: “I can… no… no they weren’t…. the black players and the white players were sitting at different tables. The Holland camp was in disarray.”

Gilesy: “No..”

Dunphy: “John, hold on. No, hold on. These are facts.”

Gilesy: “Well you can’t look at his successes and say these are down to ….”

Dunphy: “Well I’ll give you another example, if you want. Australia.”

Gilesy: “Yeah…”

A highly amused Billo is adjusting his handkerchief oblivious to the camera being on him. Souness is squirming in his seat and eyeing the exit.

Dunphy: “Australia just had to play off – one match. One match to get to the World Cup – against Iran. They blew a 2-0 lead and went out. Where is his record? When did he achieve anything? Twenty five years? Why are we going for him John?”

Gilesy: “I’m not going for him Eamonn. I’ve just trying to give a balanced view of his record.”

Dunphy: “Ok, ok, sorry I’m not going to shout you down. Go on.”

Gilesy: “He did get promotion at Crystal Palace, he got promotion at QPR, he went to Barcelona and he won the Spanish Championship. I know he was eventually beaten by Dundee but…”

Dunphy: “Home and away, John…”

Billo detects a familiar odour. Could that be the whiff of yet another u-turn?

“Hold on a second.. can I ask you why you have changed your mind. Because I see a quote here from you about Venables, in the Sunday Times .. when was this… 2005? ‘He is a typical sharp Cockmey. There’s a touch of the Jimmy White about him. He’s very bright although not really a person of conviction. Terry’s basically a wheeler dealer but he’s a good guy.'”

Eamon: “That’s exactly what I’m saying tonight but I’m flushing it out.”

“I must admit.. it must have been after a libel case, I was being careful.”

Something needs flushing alright.

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