Ronaldo back in firing line, Dolan hungry and the rest of this week’s quick one-twos.

Eamo’s Ronaldo ceasefire was never going to last long:
“The greatest player in the world? He must have sawdust in his brains.”

A touch of wish fulfilment from a hungry-looking Pat Dolan?
“Roy Keane tomorrow morning, along with his organic porridge, will be eating Kieran Richardson.”

Fergie has it tough:
“It’s not easy to win games in Europe easily.”

Wigan’s Amir Zaki in Holy Trinity reshuffle:
“I thank God for this success. Credit must also go to Dave Whelan and Steve Bruce.”

A flick from Stephen McManus prompts Jimmy to consult the Mageese dictionary:
“A lovely little piece of showball.”

George gets tough:
“Steve Bennett, you’ve made a fool of yourself!”

Jimmy adds insult to injury for Kolo Toure
“Not only was he fingered, but he got a yellow card.”

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