As the decidedly average-looking Team GB try their darndest to overcome footballing heavyweights such as Senegal, United Arab Emirates and Uruguay at the Olympics Games, home fans would feel more confident backing their new heroes with Bwin if they had the pace, power and panache of Wales winger Gareth Bale at their disposal. Unfortunately the Tottenham flyer pulled out of Stuart Pearce’s motley crew due to an ongoing back injury, only to feature for the north London club before Team GB failed to inspire in their opener.

Surely that can’t be allowed I hear you say? Bale has pulled out of playing for our made-up team in the greatest sporting competition on the planet, feigning injury only to score for the dastardly Tottenham against LA Galaxy across in the United States. Punishment!! Sepp Blatter weighed in with his opinion that Fifa were ready to investigate the deserter, the media created a frenzy with Bale’s head on a platter coming with the reward of a free newspaper subscription for a year, other people were annoyed too.

However, Stuart Pearce decided not to complain about Bale’s decision to turn his injured back on the Team GB Globetrotters, and it looked like the cowardly liar had escaped scot-free. Enter the Scot. With Mr. Bale looking to really rub salt into Team Getting Better’s wounds, he was inflicted with a wound himself. In a drab 0-0 draw against Liverpool in a pre-season not-so-friendly stateside, Charlie Adam proved that he had a place in the footballing community. A reckless and overly-aggressive challenge on the fleet-footed Bale has threatened the Welsh wonder’s chances of making the start of the 2012-13 campaign, in an ironic turn of events.

This is not the first time this has happened. Adam has a history with Bale, as the flabby Blackpool reject has injured the Tottenham man before, back last year. Pretending to be injured so you get to go to Disneyworld? Naw laddie, here’s a real injury instead.

Charlie Adam has taken it upon himself to vent his frustration at no Scottish players being allowed to play for Team Get Brazil by injuring a player that didn’t want to play for them in the first place. The midfielder had been linked with a move back to the now Irn-Bru Third Division based Rangers this summer on a free transfer, but the team that were losing all their players for free wouldn’t take Adam back for love nor money. It appears that Adam now instead has a place in Brendan Rodgers’ plans however, as he will be unleashed next term, like a slow grim reaper to blatantly kick and trample over anyone who is a better footballer than he is (everyone except Titus Bramble and Stewart Downing).

Bale meanwhile will be wishing that he had told the truth and said what everyone else is thinking: football at the Olympics is pants.


  1. Do the writers of these blogs ever do any research before posting such drivel? Team GB and Tottenham Hotspur as well as Gareth Bale have stated that it was team GB that removed Bale from the squad because of a back injury at the time of selection…I repeat..AT THE TIME OF SELECTION, which means he was not fit AT THE TIME OF SELECTION.
    This post was written by a Bale hater and is a disgusting dig at a great footballer who was devastated at the news that he was not selected because he was injured AT THE TIME OF SELECTION, cowardly blog writer?….I think so!

  2. Did you make ANY attempt to find out the truth?
    He was CHECKED and found UNFIT by team GB medical staff you fool!!!
    His recovery surprised everyone including Bale.
    What is it with people like you?
    Still wondering how much it cost to bribe the WBA GK?
    Impossible? Check 1919 for an assessment of gooner "honesty".
    You shame your club and that says one hell of a lot.

  3. "Charlie Adam proved that he had a place in the footballing community????"

    So you are condoning a cowardly and potentially career-threatening tackle then.

    As the poster above said, Bale was considered unfit for GB selection. You need to check your facts, and perhaps your attitude to thugs with grudges, too.

  4. The comments above already pointed out the inaccuracies in this trash you wrote. I guess I'll have be happy with just calling you an ignorant cunt. Why don't you ask Aaron Ramsey how he feels about reckless challenges? I imagine you won't, because you're a cunt.

  5. A quite incredible article that ranks alongside Hoddle's infamous comments about the disabled being 'punished' by misdeeds in a previous existence, or some such gibberish.

    If anyone with half a brain believes in karma, perhaps they can tell me when psychos, mass murderers, and madmen like Hitler are going to get theirs. Yet according to the intellect of this brain-celled apology, Bale's 'offence' is greater than theirs.

  6. Apparently Bale believes that Adams owes him an apology, but that it's one that he won't accept. By comparison your nasty piece of provocation amounts to an unfounded and cowardly attack on an injured player, and doesn't have the excuse that at least Adams can pull that he didn't think before he acted. YOU clearly did, you knew what you were writing was unfair, and that your action was just plain vicious.

  7. What a stupid posting!

    Charlie Adam – Dirtiest player in the premiership …

    Let's see if u talk about karma when one of your players is crippled by this talentless, dirty, mean, nasty and cowardly player …

  8. To say Gareth Bale got what he deserved is a disgrace. Even as a Liverpool fan, there was absolutely no need for that tackle made by Charlie Adam. As for his absence in the Olympics, where's the big cry and moan about the missing Scots or NI players? Bale, whether injured or not, has done nothing wrong and his haters should get off his back.