Champions Dangerhere

What a festive season its been for Jimmy Magee. We’ve enjoyed the full repertoire.

The childlike wonder on Stephen’s Day:
“It’s the season of Santa Claus and Chelsea are playing the role without the white beard today.”

The cruel streak:
“Newcastle with a lot of black in their outfit, maybe mourning in advance for Sam Allardyce, who must be on the verge of the bullet.”

The philosophical reflection on the slings and arrows of fortune as Butt bundles in:
“You have to need lucky breaks to accept them.”

The classic Magee wordplay as Reading’s Waterford man chased and harried:
“Hunt it is aptly named because that’s what he is.”

And in times of pressure, the ability to source brevity in the strangest places:
“They are claiming that Kalou was o-side.”

Check out all the rest of the festive guff in The Champions supplement in today’s Irish Examiner.

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