So Man United under Louis van Gaal have finally wound up in a Champions League spot after what had previously been their worst start to any season since the infamous 1986 old division one season when Sir Alex Ferguson came within a hair’s breadth of getting booted out of Old Trafford.

The 0-2 away win at the Emirates, meanwhile, consigned the Gunners to their worst start to any Premier league campaign ever.

So finally, it seems Louis van Gal has begun to achieve what he achieved in pretty much any other job he’s been in; after a slow start the team gradually begins to understand his plans and starts to work its way up the table after a bad start.

This was Van Gal’s experience a Bayern Munich in particular. By November of the 2009-10 Bundesliga season after the Dutchman took over, the perennial German champions were languishing in seventh place – an ignominy for the powerhouse of the Bundesliga.

Meanwhile, Bayern also looked like getting knocked out of the Champions League before Christmas and, therefore, before the knockout phase. This, too, would have been a disgrace by the club’s historical standards.

Of course, as we now know, neither of these things came to pass. The team gradually understood what Louis van Gaal was trying to do – and they won the Bundesliga by a distance and only failed in their Champions League campaign at the final hurdle – going down by two goals to nil in the 2010 final at the Bernabéu Stadium, against Jose Mourinho’s Inter Milan.

So anyway – back to the present day and it seems unlikely that Manchester United can possibly emulate Bayer Munich’s feat. Despite the impressive win at Arsenal and consequent move up to fourth place, United are still a gaping 13 points behind Chelsea and five points behind neighbours and fierce rivals Man City.

In short, then, Chelsea look uncatchable. But Southampton will surely fade gradually away from second whilst the five-point gap to City looks eminently closable.

And yet ….

Stranger things have happened and United are beginning to look like the second best team in the division, but with certain bookmakers including Betway, 32 Red and Unibet they’re as high as 40-1 against to win the league.

And when you consider that Chelsea are still to play Tottenham away, Man City at home, Man United at home, Arsenal away and Liverpool at home in that order – almost all of which will have to be played whilst Mourinho’s men try to win a Champions League, then it is just about possible.

Yes, it’s unlikely – but it’s just about possible and 40-1 is simply too big. Now where it gets really interesting is when you consider that the previously mentioned 32 Red also runs a casino – where the bonus cash for new players can be as much as £250. If you go to, you’ll see this for yourself.

You can then, theoretically, play games like blackjack or roulette where the odds available get close to even money – and bearing in mind you’re already 100% up thanks to the bonus – then you should be able to have a decent amount left to transfer to the sports book account.

Whether you then decide to take a punt on Man United for the title at such enormous odds is another matter of course. But it could be fun – and it would only take one or two Chelsea defeats for the jitters to really set in. And when Chelsea get deeper into their Champions League campaign and the knockout phase – and if one or two key players get injured as always seems to happen at this stage of the season, well; anything’s possible.

Either way – United are beginning to look like the second best team in the Premier League and their position will gradually realise this; their season just got going

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