Darren Frehill

Commentating on the telly: It guarantees you chicks, doesn’t it?

Only if you’re T. Welch

Can you speak Ronglish?

Waiting for my cert.

What’s your favourite Ronglish term?

The Lollipop. some of you DangerHere boys should know that one from last
season when I taught you its meaning. TCFC V Pegasus – was it 5-1 or 6-1, I
can’t quite remember?

Favourite commentator of all time?

Clive Tyldesley and Alan Green on occasion

Biggest gaffe made?

I’ll let you call that one, might involve a certain Inter Milan striker
who once played with Lazio.

On that note, Argentine star, Hernan Crespo, is something of a hero, isn’t he?

Legend, what other player can play in two positions at once.

If a Russian billionaire bought TV3, who would you play alongside yourself
in a commentating dream team?

It would have to be that Italian Champions League presenter featured in
this months Maxim, someone to keep you warm on those cold nights!!!!!!

Take it easy now, Darren. Our mate’s not going to spend his hard-earned oil money on totty for you. Try again

Anchor:The pre ITV Des Lynam

Two Panelists:Liam Brady and Martin O’Neill

One Co-commentator: Big Ron

Motty or Barry Davies?

Motson hands down.

We miss Aidan Cooney. Do you?

Not too much, I’m lucky enough to see Aid everyday here at Three.

Premiership 1,2,3 this season?

Manu, Arsenal, Newcastle.

George or Jimmy Magee?

Jimmy, living legend.

Should they bring back Know Your Sport?

A real gem, I’d love to get my hands on one of those umbrellas! Remember them!!

Any ambitions outside of sport? The Late Late Show maybe?

I’d fancy a crack at “Lapdance Island” coming soon on E4.

Kylie or Beyonce?

Always a Kylie fan but that video for “Crazy in Love” is playing tricks
with my mind.

Eircom League 1,2,3 this season?

Shelbourne, Shamrock Rovers, Cork City.

Noel King? Is he cross?

Only on the pitch! Keano eat your heart out.

Trevor Welch? That telly accent doesn’t last, does it?

No comment, Boy!

Sporting heroes?

Ali, Maradona, Tony Galvin and Joe Cooney.

Best commentary of all time?

A certain European Cup final in 1999, terrible game but a couple of great
lines including my fav of all time from Clive Tyldesley: “Whats this 90
minutes on the clock and Manchester United haven’t scored, they have to
score, they always score…………….Sheringhaaaaammmmm” Lines like
this come around once in a lifetime.

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