Earliest footballing memory?

My love affair with the beautiful game began in Mexico ’86. Diego Maradona became my idol and it was my introduction to the Panini sticker album. I still have the ’86 edition at home somewhere, just missing one sticker.. I think it was Edinho from the Brazil page. Can anyone do a swap?

Radio or commentating role model?

I have always looked up to Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh. Absolute gentleman and he’s left an incredible mark on sports broadcasting. He is one of a kind.

Egg-chasing, is it right? Really?

I went to a rugby-mad school in Ballinasloe. I never made the grade with Garbally but I learned to appreciate it as a sport. A 6 Nations afternoon in Dublin is one of the great days out, especially when the result goes Ireland’s way.

When you were a lad, did you assemble rudimentary showjumps in your backyard and pretend to be Eddie Macken? Or was it Paul Darragh?

Absolutely, didn’t everyone! Eddie Macken, legend.

Bramley Apple Pies or French Fancies?

Mmmm Bramley Apple Pies..

Have you ever sat on a subs bench and silently cheered when your team conceded?

Not entirely proud to admit to it but yes. Let’s just say the manager and I just didn’t see eye to eye. Not quite Saipan but that was the beginning of the end of that particular partnership.

Best interview you’ve ever done?

I’ve been lucky to talk to some of the biggest names in sport, it’s been great meeting the likes of Beckham, Woods and Tony Cascarino! But Roy Keane is my favourite, the guy just calls it as is. What a pundit he’d make.

Person you’d most like to interview?

Diego Armando Maradona

Barry Davies or Motty?

I really like Davies as a commentator but he always came across a bit confident, so Motty; the man of the people.

George or Jimmy Magee?

Jimmy shades it with that great line at the 1986 World Cup, my favourite commentary of all time.

Favourite commentary of all time?

Jimmy Magee is ‘Different Class…..different class’

Is Alex Ferguson good or evil?

I have interviewed him a number of times, he can be really charming when he wants but I’ve also been in his company when things haven’t gone so well. He’s not quite evil, but it’s a scary experience all the same.

Worst gaffe you’ve made on air?

Thankfully nothing serious yet, although I did introduce Luke Fitzgerald (Rugby International) as Luke Dempsey (Carlow football manager) once. I should really stick to my script more….

Finest personal sporting achievement?

Winning my first trophy with my local side Laurencetown when I was just 18. I headed in the equaliser at the end of extra time in the cup final & then slotted in the wining penalty. I must admit I scuffed the penalty but it went in under the keeper’s body. That was my Roy of the Rovers moment.

Who would be the first five names in your personal Dunphy Litany of the Saints; “The bar isn’t here, the bar is…”

Roy Keane, Padraig Harrington, Brian O’Driscoll, Sonia O’Sullivan & Joe Canning (2011 is his year).

Last time football made you jump out of your seat?

Not quite \’out of my seat’ but Monday night astro is usually quite heated, especially when the Frehill brothers are on opposite sides.

Johansson or Kunis?

I’m a brunette man, so Mila Kunis.

Brazil or Argentina?

Argentina. Maradona is god!

Gentleman Jim Robinson or Big Alf Stewart?

I was channel hoping the other day and to my surprise I spotted Alf. Can’t believe he’s still giving the kids a hard time at the Surf Club. Legend.

What football team do you support?

Athlone Town

Who are the long-term replacements for Andy Gray and Richard Keys?

Jeff Stelling, your time has come and his partner is looking like Gary Neville at this stage.

Do you have a Know Your Sport umbrella?

Unfortunately not but I do have an ‘Ireland AM’ one from my days in TV3, a close second in the brolly stakes.

Commentating Dream-team (past or present, can’t pick yourself)

Anchor: Bill O’Herlihy

Three Pundits: Mick McCarthy, Eamon Dunphy & Roy Keane

Commentator: George Hamilton

Co-commentator: Jim Beglin


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