Time to forget Johnny Aldridge’s problems with the man in the yellow hat and get behind Vela, Hernandez and co.

It’s all The Sun’s fault, who have assigned 32 top (should that be “top, top”) UK football blogs one each of the competing World Cup nations.

Note also for the purposes of this business, we have been assigned temporary membership of the UK. Dangerhere Chef signed a  commemorative  copy of the Act of Union this morning. Hope nobody minds.

Anyway, it’s all to do with their Sweepstake Shaker iPhone app, which we suppose you should try out if you’re into that kind of thing.

Handily enough, we’ve got the French in the group – backed by Spurs cheerists www.whoframedruelfox.com.  And we have South Africa up in the first game tomorrow – backed by fancy blog www.twohundredpercent.net

Vamos Mexico!

Here’s the draw.

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